About Us

Lions Deli was created in November 2015 as a development and financial services company offering consultation and capital sourcing for b2b, b2c, and p2p clients: We offer resources to developers/contractors, investors, small businesses, and financial institutions. Our experience and expertise in these markets has allowed us to build an ecosystem for efficient planning, borrowing, and building. 

Founder - 

Michael Saks Gradington

I have over 15 years experience in commercial/residential-development and finance (small business lending and construction finance). From High Rise project management to loan origination on conventional bank loans, I have successfully had my hands in most facets of these industries. I started Lions Deli with the two primary intentions: 
1. Helping businesses source capital.
2. Offering my expertise and creativity to new and seasoned builders. 

Along with sourcing the debt or equity we offer advisory/design services to scenarios which surround the need for funds. For example, if a builder requires a loan for a new development; not only can we obtain the loan, but we also offer architectural design, cost analysis, and project feasibly services. By doing this we create an environment with our clients where they can depend on us to leverage their production and cost every step of the way. 
We are currently operating as a small boutique-brokerage, but the ultimate goal is to be a direct lender to businesses and urban developer. I do not ever want to get rid of the service side, because I believe that smarter clients make for strong partnerships and viable communities.  
I was born and raised in Long Beach California. I am a husband and father. My only real hobby is online chess. 

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